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BEAN Regenerative Transport Technology

BEAN Regenerative Transport Technology

BEAN by Advanced Dynamics BEAN by Advanced Dynamics

BEAN Regenerative Transport Technology

The BEAN technology is a complete electrification package consisting of electric vehicle motor, battery, control systems, solar body parts and other supporting components.

Inspired by the regenerative functions of a bean and its role in nature and human civilization, we have realised that our solar electric vehicle technology intends to play the same function. Vehicles have a crucial role to play in the future of planet Earth, and one characteristic is for it to be emission-free and circular.

Our solar electrification technology ensures that a fossil-fuel vehicle today, can be a regenerative solar electric vehicle of tomorrow, without waiting for years for that to happen.

Any vehicle, whether it's a compact vehicle, or a mid-size sedan or a large commercial truck, can make a contribution to the planet by adopting the BEAN technology from Advanced Dynamics.

Stay connected as we bring this technology to a vehicle near you.


Bean, created by Advanced Dynamics, has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation.